About Leo Tech Music LTM Productions

Leo Tech Music is the Brain Child Creation of non other than Corporal C. Since coming to Washington D.C in the late Seventies Corporal C began keeping his memories of Jamaica alive by listening to music every chance he got Being so far away from home made the music even more appreciated, Needless to say he couldn't get enough of it. This craving lead him to be glued to his father's 8-Track Tapes and old Stereo System and by the age of twelve he was rocking Parties and any kind of Family and Friends get together till the wee hours of the morning. The Eighties gave birth to the Cassette Tape and Sound Systems and Dancehall became the new way of life. By the time he got thru Junior High School he was already building a Sound System with an old Bell Tube Amp and Belt Driven Turntables. His Cousin was so impressed with his talent that by the time Corporal was in High School he was the only person he wanted to not only wire his Sound System but play it as well when ever he had a Clash or Big Event. This was his First exposure to traveling outta town and playing music for Farm Workers in Clubs and Dancehalls all over Virginia and West Virginia area. Since most of the people and other Sounds were from Jamaica and the Florida area sometimes it was as if he never left Jamaica. Inspired by sounds like Kilimanjaro, Jack Ruby, Gemini, Jah Love and Stur Gav Sound Systems during High School he realized having a Name was a key factor in the world of Sound System and playing music. So Black Stallion was born and his Bell Tube Amp was joined by a Solid State Panasonic Stereo Receiver, a Gemini Mixer (The big one with the green yellow and red lights at the top.) two Home made Boxes with a single 15" Horn Driver and Four Piezo Tweeters. (yes Tweeters were something else back in the days. Lol) Aside from playing Parties on a regular getting together with friends on Friday evenings to make Tapes and DJ (Aka :Rap) the Stur Gav Sound Crew was our favorite choice so we named ourselves in that manner and in Eighty Three the name CORPORAL C was official. After lending one of my turntables to my nephew I went to help him and his friend setup a sound that was starting out. I ended up staying on as Engineer and selector until almost mid nineties, Bobby Chin joined us early nineties and the rest was history. That sound was EarthQuake...... In early nineties Black Stallion was renamed Leo Tech Music and started doing small Events and Parties as a way of reinventing ourself while working with EarthQuake. With a constant decline in dance venues most of the bigger sound systems found it hard to maintain in the DC area and a lot of Selectors/Dj's went the way of the Clubs. Not wanting to be labeled as a DJ Corporal C went back to doing his own thing.

Album Release

December, 24. 2013 (Riverdale, Md) Leo Tech Music released GOOD VIBES RIDDIM (Leo Tech Music Present's) EP. This album features Moments by Singing Melody who's last album They Call Me Mr. Melody was very well received, as well as new comer's making waves Billi Blade with 20 To Life, Zulan O'Brien & N3 with Good Love, Hailie J. with All I Had, Remember The Days by Invinsible, and the title track Good Vibes by Setoria Key.

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