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Welcome To Leo Tech Music LTM Productions

Leo tech music started out as a Sound System and DJ service in the late 80's! We have since added music productions to what we do. Our productions started in the later part of 2003 and was mainly a means of giving young artist a means of doing some quality work at a low cost. We also recoreded dub sessions for sound systems with artist visiting from Jamaica such as Admiral Bailey, Johnny P., Merciless, Furture Troubles, Ghost, Terrie Ganzie, Micheal Buckley, Anthony Malvo, and others. Since the introduction of software's such as Pro-tools and others like it many people now do there own recordings so we now mainly do Leo Tech Music Productions and released our first EP Album in Dec. of 2013..

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Album Release

December, 24. 2013 (Riverdale, Md) Leo Tech Music released GOOD VIBES RIDDIM (Leo Tech Music Present's) EP. This album features Moments by Singing Melody who's last album They Call Me Mr. Melody was very well received, as well as new comer's making waves Billi Blade with 20 To Life, Zulan O'Brien & N3 with Good Love, Hailie J. with All I Had, Remember The Days by Invinsible, and the title track Good Vibes by Setoria Key.

Leo Tech Music Productions is based in the Riverdale, Md area and although this is there first official album release they have been around for many years as Sound system engeneer and DJ. For more on Leo Tech Music see our About us page. or, For more information, promo requests please contact: Courtney Wilson at Thank You. ###

Avaiable Now

This album is a Smooth Reggae mix of Love, Good times, & Good Vibes... And is now available at Amazon, Google, ITunes, CD Baby,& More...